Please note that this is an electronic version of our Rental Agreement, which you must sign before you rent any of our bicycles.

You may download a printer friendly version of this document here.

By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions outlined below.
A deposit of 50 EUR is to be paid upon signature, which will be refunded when the bicycle is returned.
Any financial claims (sums are later specified in these terms and conditions) made by Berguson based on damages to or loss of the bicycle must also be paid by Client upon returning the bicycle.
Berguson is entitled to settle any claim based on these terms and conditions or related to the tenancy by deduction from the deposit. Client is liable to pay pro-rata a default annual interest of 20% after the due dates for all financial claims not settled.

Rental time:
Client is obliged to return the bicycle to the site of the rental during opening hours specified in the Rental Agreement (opening hours: 7 am - 7 pm on weekdays, 9 am - 7 pm on weekends). If the bicycle is not returned by closing time on the day of the rental, Berguson files a report with the authorities under the assumption that the bicycle was stolen, and also obligates Client to reimburse the full value of the bicycle: 130 000 HUF. Berguson may charge Client a daily fee of 2,400 HUF until the bicycle is returned or its value is reimbursed.

Safety notice:
Berguson supplies all rental bicycles with state-of-the-art ABUS Bordo brand locks which make theft by a third party highly difficult. Client is liable for the entire damage value in case of theft. Total damage value: 130,000 HUF. If the Client liable for damages by theft does not settle the claim, Berguson may file a report with the authorities.

Always wear a helmet!
In case of bicycle rental we provide a helmet free of charge upon request which is to be returned when returning the bicycle. If the helmet is not returned or is returned in a damaged state, Client is liable to reimburse its full value (8,000 HUF).

Other conditions:
Berguson performs full technical inspections on all bicycles prior to rental and assumes no responsibility for any accidents, damages caused to a third party, or personal injuries. By signing the Rental Agreement, Client agrees to Berguson handling their personal information according to data protection regulations for the duration of the tenancy, or until any claims made by Berguson are settled. This consent extends to the recording of the data in presented personal documents even via photocopies. Citizens of the European Union may present passports or other certificates of identification (personal ID card or Driver's License). Non-EU citizens must present a passport.

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